Choose a master, for without him this journey is full of tribulations, fear and dangers. With no escort, you would be lost on a road you would have already taken. Do not travel alone on the Path. - Rumi

Sainiji, as he was popularly known as, was a devout Sufi who saw Allah in all creatures. As a child, he was timid and quiet and focused all his energies in trying to see Allah. He often daydreamed that he saw a Divine Being with a crown like a cap and even saw Him flying on horseback.

When He was a child, the area was affected with serious famine and many people died of starvation. Sainiji,however, due to divine intervention found two watermelons in the desert which would last Him the whole day. This continued everyday till the famine ended. When he turned 16, Sainji went to earn wages for his family. But due to being weak, he was unable to carry heavy weights and was given only 12 paisa whereas all the other labourers were given 25 paisa each. However, He never failed to call on Dastagir Badshah Pir who He felt could spare Him this hard physical labour. His request was granted and as winter approached, the work was stopped.

One day, He saw a boat coming along a canal which had no water. In the boat, Sainiji saw a heavenly light which appeared to be coming from five Divine Souls and Dastagir Badshah Pir. They bestowed great affection on him and instructed him to get his Divine Nam from Hazrat Abdul Sattar of Dargah Jhok Sharif.

Due to being poor, Sainiji could not travel to Jhok Sharif as the distance was too far and there were no trains at that time. However, a relative informed that Hazrat Abdul Sattar was expected there that day. Sainiji was elated. On seeing him, Hazrat Abdul Sattar told Him that he had received the message from Hazrat Nabi Karim (PBUH), and so He had come there only to give Him Nam.

Sainiji spent many years in the service of his Murshid Sahib( Spiritual Teacher) at Dargah Jhok Sharif. Daily, He washed utensils, swept the floors, milked the cows and cleant the stables of His Murshid’s mare. He performed various austerities by sitting in meditation continuously sometimes for 10 days( Daha), or 20 days( Ekihas) , or even for 40 days(Chalihas).He would consume only neem leaves and some water which would be His food for the whole day. After such hard penance He would feel so light when He walked as if He was flying. His mother often worried about his absences.

Sainiji then traveled to the Dargah of Lal Qalander Shahbaz where he was received affectionately. After he had been there for a few days, a spiritual being from Dargah Jhok Sharif appeared to Sainij to tell Him that He should now leave. When Sainiji reached Jhok Sharif, He was received by His Murshid whose entire being radiated love and affection for Sainiji. He then told Him to recount his experiences to all those who were assembled before. Sainiji glanced around at all the people present. His Murshid told him not to worry about the others. Sainiji then narrated all his experiences, while others were engrossed in their conversations. Saniji had so much love for his Murshid that out of respect he never uttered His name. Whenever He talked about His Murshid, He would be overcome with emotion and would not be able to talk further. Sainiji’s Murshid treated Him like His own son and often told others that whatever sprirtual experiences Sainiji had in one evening, others did not have after even a year’s time.

Sainji had so much love for His Murshid that out of respect He never uttered His name. Whenever He talked about His Murshid sahib, His emotions would not let Him talk further. Sometimes, He would sing Shah Latif’s kalaam in a low, soft and sweet sound: " Aaryani Ayhan Na Ditho, Jeki Ditho Ho Moon ", with tears in His eyes.

Once when Sainji got up from meditation at Roza Sharif, He saw His Murshid coming to Him with another person besides Him. His Murshid said to initiate the person and give him Nam. Sainji replied with great helplessness that He had not attained salvation Himself and He did not deem Himself capable of taking other people’s burden. After His Murshid persisted, Sainji initiated the person with tears in His eyes and said “By your order, I have initiated this man, but he is truly entrusted to Your care". Thereupon His Murshid Sahib took Sainji by His arm and came at the door of Hazrat Shah Shahid’s Roza and said “Oh, Sain Shah Shahid Sain, I have brought this child to your door. His murid’s are yours". Then, He took Sainji to chowkandi Sharif and said “Oh, Shah Qalander Data Pir, I have brought this child to your door. His murid’s are yours". Then He told Sainji to go on initiating people, entrusting them to Shah Shahid Sain and Shah Qalander Data Pir. After this, Sainji used to write in His letters to His murid’s “You are not my murid’s, but Theirs".

Sainji always stood tall and the Divine Light shining in His eyes highlighted His appearance. He had a broad ësoonheri’ (beard) with some black hair in the center. In His youth, He wore green clothes. In His later years, He wore a white long kurta and shalwar. He never wore a new shoe or a new coat. He wore a home made cap made from cotton in winter and a turban of saffron color when He went outside. He had a black ëkhathi’ (blanket) with Him with which He used to cover Himself while meditating. He walked with a simple wooden stick in His hand. He always sat with His back straight. His daily routine was very simple. From midnight till about 8 a.m. and from 5.30 p.m. till sunset, He sat in meditation on the floor. He went to sleep fairly early in the evening. When He was making rehan (discourse), His tone and manner of speech resembled a grandfather talking to his grandchildren. There was no pomp or show, no kalaams were sung and no book was read. He did not like to talk about worldly things but maintained a spiritual content. All during the day He was heard saying “Allah-e-Allah" or "Allah-Hoo".


Sainiji suffered from urinary tract and asthma due to which He was brought to Karachi for treatment. On 15th December, 1960, He underwent a prostrate operation. At midnight, He woke up and wanted to do meditation. On being told that it was still early, He said that almost half the night had passed and that He couldn’t sleep after midnight. On 16th December, 1960, He was cheerful and embraced Sain Mohammed Waris( His Murshid’grandson) who was just returning to Jhok Sharif to attend the anniversary of Shah Qalander Data Pir. Sainiji felt that indeed it was a sacred day and that He too would be going there soon. Before He passed away, He gave the necessary instructions to His four sons, telling them not to allow anyone to weep over his death and to keep away the kalaams from his burial site. He also told them to recite the Qu’ran Sharif near his tomb.

Sainiji breathed his last at 10 pm on 16th December, 1960. At, His body was taken with great dignity to Jalalani Sharif where people from all around the area had gathered to pay their last respects to Sainiji. Before sunset, His holy body was put to rest.

Sainiji’s Teachings:

  • Speak as little as possible so as to utilize dams (breaths) with Nam.
  • Reduce sleep, food and other activities.
  • Avoid using alcoholic drinks.
  • Be frugal. Do not  waste money, food, water etc. Water should be drunk  slowly and while sitting.
  • Be kind to all, even helpless tiny creatures like the ant.
  • Never send back a needy and hungry person who comes to your door, even at an odd hour without giving them food or water.
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